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Our Priorities

We are proud to have worked with citizens and policymakers to enact landmark energy efficiency legislation in Maryland. 


  • Continue to establish nation-leading energy and demand savings goals and the investments necessary to achieve these goals in
    multifamily housing.

  • Secure new energy savings targets for low- to moderate-income energy efficiency and natural gas efficiency programs.


  • Ensure that all commercial and residential customers can participate in energy efficiency programs, with attention to overcoming the barriers faced by low- to moderate-income citizens as well as those faced by small businesses.

  • Reduce variable energy costs for affordable housing residents.

  • Provide continued opportunity for a large range of stakeholders to participate in developing and designing the EmPOWER Maryland programs.  

  • Promote the creation of good paying clean energy jobs.



  • Develop and mobilize new financing and other tools to leverage EmPOWER portfolio investments and increase their impact.

  • Defend against policy proposals to weaken or slow down progress of the programs.